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This ISB Parent Association website is made for and by parents. 

It contains information about the PA, events and activities sponsored by the PA as well as information about getting settled in the area and how to get involved in our ISB community.

Please look through the site and reach out with any questions, ideas or to join the PA!

Lunch @  De Fazant
Lunch @  De Fazant
Apr 17, 2024, 11:00 AM
De Fazant
Can you make it?
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The PA is always looking for new enthusiastic members.  There are many ways to become involved such as:


  • becoming a committee member

  • helping to organize a one-off event

  • providing feedback and suggestions on ways to improve what we do 


If you would like to become involved click below for a form or send an email to


Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated!

Decorating easter Eggs

New to our 


A Cup of Coffee

ISB PA Social groups & clubs


Starting in a new place isn't easy.  To help with the transition the PA has developed a Welcome Booklet full of information about getting settled.


We also have a "Ambassador Program".  In this program we connect new ISB parents with a settled ISB family to help them integrate into the Dutch way of living, connect with other families and for support with school related questions. 

Within our ISB community there are many groups and clubs which cover a variety of interests.  Some are based around a hobby and some are purely social.  All offer a way to meet and connect with others in our community.  

Welcome to the Updated ISB Parent Association Website!

I hope that you and your families are enjoying our ISB school community. Always visit our site to keep posted on latest activities, check useful info if you are new in the area. 


​Expat websites

Click here for access to a broad range of information and resources related to getting settled in the area.

Brainstorming with Mask

ISB Community Businesses

We have a wealth of skills and talents within our ISB school community and many of us own and operate our own small businesses. The PA has developed a directory of businesses and resources so that we can support each other.  


Click below to see a directory of ISB Community businesses or to see how to add your business to the list.


Let us know!

We are always open for your help, your input and new ideas.

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