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Within this section we like to offer a multitude of useful services, classes, events which might be useful for the ISB community such as babysitting services, sports classes, language courses, music lessons, etc.


Please note: Neither the ISB nor the ISB PA can be held responsible for the quality of the items/services offered as this is an open forum to the ISB parent community which can be used out of free choice.


Nevertheless if you have any complaints regarding any of the services, we kindly ask you to communicate these to us as soon as possible in order for us to remove the specific reference to the service/item in question.



My name is Pippa Quinn and I am 16 years old. I am a student at the International School of Breda and I am currently in DP1. 

I speak English and Dutch fluently as I take both of these subjects at higher level in my DP program.

I live in the centre of Breda.

I enjoy looking after children, playing hockey and running (sprinting). 

If you are not looking for a babysitter but for a tutor for your child/children I can help her/him with their homework, I will be more than happy to do this.

If you are interested please contact me:
Mobile: 0643883788
Home phone: 076 5202565
Email: pippaq@isbreda.com
Esther’s (mum) number: 06 55 75 24 09


Are you looking for a licensed Dutch tutor?
My name is Jan Zweekhorst and I am a licensed Dutch teacher with a strong track record. During my long career teaching at different Dutch schools, I have taught at both Primary and Secondary level. In the last couple of years I already have taught Dutch to several ISB students from a wide range of nationalities, helping them to improve their grades, or to move from Dutch B to Dutch A in record time.
Testimonial: “My husband and I asked Jan to help our son Daniel (MYP2) when he was still in Dutch B. For me it was important that Daniel could speak Dutch fluently, because it would be so much easier for him to feel at home in The Netherlands. I am happy to say that Daniel moved to Dutch A in a record time and started to score good grades in Dutch A after a few months already. We know Jan as a very dedicated and patient teacher and Daniel likes him very much. We can truly recommend Jan Zweekhorst.”
Cristina Figueroa

For further inquieries please contact me at:
Jan Zweekhorst
Mobile: 06 49 14 06 51
e-mail: janzweekhorst@outlook.com

Freelance tutor Dutch language with a teaching degree

Dear Sir, Madam,
As a licensed teacher in the Dutch language, and having experienced what it means to
live abroad (Canada) when young, it seems only natural to offer my services as a tutor.
I am also fluent in the English language and have knowledge of French and German.
Please contact me via:
E: carolien@sarsanszky.com
M: +31 (0)6 43364600


My name is Birgitte van Osta. I am a licensed Dutch teacher, with a long career teaching at different Dutch Secondary schools . During the last fifteen years I have specialized in teaching Dutch as a second language. Working as a teacher at Volksuniversiteit Breda  I am used to teaching adults in smaller and bigger groups. In the last couple of years I have also been tutoring ISB parents and students individually.

For further information please contact me via


E:  b.van.osta@ziggo.nl

M: +31 (0)6 30396193


Hello, my name is Annabel Quinn and I am a student in DP1. When I first moved to The Netherlands I had major trouble communicating in the Dutch language, and so I decided to find a tutor that could help. Birgitte was one of the most supporting, helpful yet challenging tutors I have had experience with thus far. She was excellent in explaining and visualising Dutch words, whilst also making it appropriate and entertaining for my age. This is the reason why I recommend Birgitte as a Dutch tutor for non-native speakers.   

Job vacancies

Avans University in Breda is always looking for professionals locals or expats that would like to develop their career.


You can always check their vacancies on their website:


Personal & Professional coaching for Expats

You are an expat in the Netherlands and you or your family are having a hard time to adapt, to fit in, to make friends, to understand the culture, the work environment?


This can affect your moods, your self-confidence, your safety, your balance etc. Your talents and strengths might get blurry, your focus might get lost or even physical problems maybe occur.

As a coach I might help you getting on track again, help you to re-discover your talents, balance, flow or energy.

I can coach in English, Dutch and Spanish


Email: info@trudyleijte.nl

Phone: 06 21644522

Well being

Being a mum or dad is a busy and stressful task and it is difficult make time for yourself. 


Corps et Esprit Massage Breda offers personalized massage therapy and pays special attention to the whole being: physical, mental and emotional.


·        If you wish to reduce stress

·        If your muscles are tense and/or your joints are sore due to sport, work or life in general

·        If you need it on an emotional level

·        Simply because you deserve it!


Interested in taking a little bit of “me” time? Please have a look at our website:


​Arts and sports

Personal trainer
Dear parent/carer,
I would like to present myself and my company “A Bright Move ” to the parents with the aim to provide them with strength and cardio training.
I can offer the following:
– Individual Personal Training
– Small group training
– Boot Camp Training
– Gait training
– Wellness and Sport Test
On request, there are more possibilities.
If you are interested as an individual or a group, please make contact with me via email at the address below.
Best regards,
Jos Nous
Note; Jos Nous is a Mencia teacher.He has been living abroad the last few months