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If you are using a smart phone, there are a few apps for Breda that you may want to download
Breda City App
VVV Breda

Learning Dutch

​Learning the Dutch Language


Private teachers and tutors

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Restaurants and entertainment


​Breda has a wide range of restaurants, cafes, disco’s, theaters and cinemas. The exciting and exuberant city of Breda has something for everyone.

  • Restaurants in Breda:

  • Stappen in Breda (Dutch):

  • Cinema:

Kids & family

Babysitting services​


Nannys at home:

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Speelbos de Boeverijen (Mastbos)
Forest where children can play.
Abeelstraat – Ploegstraat – De Heuvelbrink- Somerweide
Check below link for opening times.
Café De 7 Heuveltjes
Monkey Town


Swimming pools
Open:The end of April-August. Heated outdoor.
Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, no summer closure.
De Wisselaar
Indoor swimming pool, summer closure.
Club Pellikaan
Indoor swimming pool, membership required.


Children’s farms
Kinderboerderij Parkhoeve Breda-Noord
Bezoekerscentrum Wolfslaar/boerderij


Labyrinth in a cornfield
Hof van Overveld


Puppet theatres
Irene Laros


Youth circus
Jeugdcircus Woenzini


Oncle Jean Restaurant/Coffee/Bar with outdoor play area and seating
The Little English Library Library of English children’s books at a local Montessori school.
Reptile House Indoor reptile house with café.
Bowling (Oosterhout)
Pancake House (Den Hout)

Sports clubs & activities

Club Pellikaan 

Club Pellikaan is a luxury sports club for the whole family. They offer a free week pass and 15% discount to ISB.

Corps et Esprit Massage

Offers personalized massage therapy and pays special attention to the whole being: physical, mental and emotional.

Riding schools

Hippisch Centrum Breda www.hippischcentrumbreda.nlHoeve Galderzicht www.manegehoevegalderzicht.nlManege Overbos www.manegeoverbos.nlManege Hoeveneind www.hoeveneind.nlSintels BV De Roosberg

Tennis and paddle tennis

Breda Lawn Tennis Vereniging

Ulvenhoutse Tennis Veringing     


Albatross Golfvereniging

Golfpark de Haenen

Bowling en Partycentrum
Merlijn Bowling (Oosterhout)

Arendse Klimcentrum,
LOT 66

Yellow Stone

Karting and laser shooting

Ice skating

Skiing Indoor Ski & Snowboardcentrum

Trips by balloon
Ad Ballon Ballonvaarten BV
Ballonvaarderij De Hot

Supermarkets & groceries shopping

In the Netherlands you have a few well known supermarket chains that can be found almost everywhere where you can find most of groceries. Click on any of them to look for your nearest shop.

  • Albert Heijn

  • Jumbo 

  • Jumbo Foodmarket is one Jumbo bigger shop with larger assortment that can be found atRat Verleghstraat 4, 4815 NZ Breda

  • Lidl

  • Aldi

Every Tuesday and Friday from 9:00 -13:00 is market day at Breda at Grote Markt. There you can find a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, fish, bread, nuts, cheese and also fabrics.

You can also find

- Biological market every Tuesday from 9:00-13:00 at Veemarktstraat

- Saturday market from 10:00 -17:00 at St. Jan Ingenhouszplein

De Burcht is a small shopping center in Burcht, 7 4834 HK Breda where you can find almost everything from supermarkets, drugstores, butcher, fruit, fish shop, flower shops ...

Fish shops:

Nordzee has 2 shops one near Ginneken and another near the city center where you can find and order fresh fish.

Biological products:

Estafette is a biological supemarket that can be found at Ginnekenweg, 65 4818JB Breda

De Groene Weg is a biological butcher that can be found at Ginnekenweg, 1 4818JA Breda

Oriental food can be found at The Amazing Oriental supermarket in Belcrumweg, 34-36 4815HB Breda, amazingly you can also find some American and English products here.

You can also find a Turkish Halal supermarket Ken Foods in Nieuwe Haagdijk 22-26, 4811 TD Breda

Not in Breda but in the near city of Antwerp (45 min drive) you can also find an American supermarket for those craving for their American treats. It can be found at Prins Boudewijnlaan 175, 2610 Antwerp