Welcome to the ISB Middle Programme years!! Here you’ll find some useful information that might help you get through MYP without any concerns.




You’ll be receiving a list with all the materials your children will be needing for their school year you can find most of them in many stores around Breda, although hardcover notebooks are hard to find. You’ll be able to find them at:


Konijnenberg 99

4825 BC Breda





The school day is divided 9 periods of 50 min classes plus morning

and a lunch break.


Each student will be sent an email to their ISB mail account with their

username and password to Zermelo the app where they will have

access to their daily timetable at http://mencia-isbreda.zportal.nl


For security reasons only the children will have access and only to

their own timetable. This timetable is susceptible to be changed

through the year and will for sure change at least once in a year. 


Starting and finishing hour may vary through the week according to the classes each student will be taking, and they will also may find some free periods within some days. These differences are due to the fact that ISB shares teachers with Mencia de Mendoza (the Secondary Dutch school attached to ISB), which means schedules from both schools need to be adapted to suit school and teachers´ needs. Students are not allowed to leave school during these free periods and may stay in the school and work on their homework.


Timetables can also vary when teachers accompany other classes on school trips.


How to read the timetable:
















Once timetables are settled parents will be able to access their children’s timetable in Manage Bac https://isbreda.managebac.com on the ACADEMICS/Timetables.


For those students that need to take EAL class (English as an Additional Language), the timetable won’t show EAL as a subject, depending on the year group EAL will be taken instead of one:


  • MYP1 EAL substitutes Music

  • MYP2 EAL substitutes Visual Arts

  • MYP3 EAL substitutes Geography

  • MYP4 EAL substitutes History




If your son/daughter has any problem with a subject, teacher, other children or anything that has to do with the school and you wish to contact the school you should first send an email or ask for a meeting with your son/daughter class mentor. Don’t contact other teacher as you’ll be redirected to your mentor.


MYP1 Ms MC Doherty mdoherty@isbreda.com

MYP2 Ms Amita Sejpal asejpal@isbreda.com

MYP3 Ms Mirjam Behling mbehling@isbreda.com

MYP4 Ms Guro Jorgensen gjorgensen@isbreda.com        

MYP5 Mr Vincent de Klerk vdeklerk@isbreda.com and Ms Mary Worrel mworrell@isbreda.com




Secondary is a whole new world both for parents and students. As a parent it is difficult to admit that your kid is growing and you need to give them more independence, but MYP is mostly about learning how to do this. Your son/daughter is now responsible for his/her academics and the school encourages this from the first day.


They are responsible for their school material, to find out their timetable, work with Manage Bac every day to find out about their homework, grades … Let them be independent and responsible, it’s a lesson for life!


If you have any questions about timetables, Manage Bac or any other thing ask them to teach you, it encourages them to become a little bit more independent and it’s a great experience for you to see your children teaching something for once.

Users guide to MYP