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Dear Parents and carers,
Below you will find some quick
information and links to resources on a variety of topics such as residency, healthcare, shopping etc. in the Netherlands. 

In addition, the ISB PA has developed a Welcome Booklet to provide more detailed information to help make the transition to life in the Netherlands easier.  It contains a great deal of information and resources to help you navigate getting settled and also through everyday life here in your home.



  • Emergency number for police, fire or ambulance is 112 

  • Emergency Hospital (in Breda)

    • Amphia Ziekenhuis T. (076) 595 50 00 

  • Emergency doctor’s services 076 - 52 58 500

  • Non-emergency police number is 0900 8844

  • ISB contact info

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ISB PA Welcome Booklet
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First steps when you move to
the Netherlands


Contract Review

Everyone residing in the Netherlands should have a registration number or  BSN (Burgers Service Number). This will be required to open a bank acount, get insurance etc. To obtain a BSN for yourself and all your children under 16 you should make an appointment at the City Hall.


Find out more here:

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If you are not from the EU, EEA or Switzerland and you are planning to stay longer then 3 months, you need to apply for a residence permit with the IND; Department of Immigration and Naturalisation. Find out more here:


Also, you will need to register at the local council (GBA or Gemeente):For Breda click gere for more info



Holland Expat Center

I am Expat


Image by Wiktor Karkocha

The Netherlands is one of the countries with the highest population density, therefore finding affordable accommodation can be a difficult task but not an impossible one! 


Here are some links that might help you:


Pile of Coins

Credit cards are not widely used in the Netherlands and generally not accepted in supermarkets and small shops. Your bank will issue a Maestro debit card with a personal identification number to be used everywhere in the Netherlands. 


Opening a bank account will require some formalities and it is not always possible to do so within the first days. There are a few banks in the NL that offer

international services in English to their clients.

The most popular ones are:




Image by Kilian Seiler

What to do in case of 
Medical Emergency

In the Netherlands the 112 emergency number and hospital Emergency Room are only for life threatening emergencies!!! So please use them wisely otherwise you'll find yourself paying for a service you won't be needing or waiting longer than needed in the hospital.

In case of an urgent  medical situation such as high fever, vomiting, an injury or something similar, the protocol is:

- If it happens within working hours (8/9 a.m. - 5/6 p.m.) call your family doctor.   They'll attend you immediately and will tell you how to proceed.

- If it happens outside of working hours call the General Doctors Emergency Post HAP (Huisartsenpost) 076-525800 They will advise on what to do, where to go or will send you someone to your house to attend you.

  • The emergency number for police, fire or ambulance is 112 .

  • Emergency doctor’s services 076 – 52 58 500 .

  • Emergency hospital Amphia Ziekenhuis Molengracht 21, 4818 CK Breda


Non urgent Health Care 



The huisarts (GPs) are responsible for gathering all your medical records and  re the gatekeepers to all the other types of medical treatment.


They can deal with routine health issues, perform standard gynecological and pediatric examinations, and refer you onto other services, including hospitals, specialists, home midwifery and physiotherapy.

For more information:


Cute Baby

Kids & Family

Here are a few tips on childcare services and playgrounds.  The Welcome Booklet has many more.  Click here to see.

Babysitting services

Playgrounds (Speeltuin in Dutch)

  • Speelbos de Boeverijen (in the Mastbos) Bouvignedreef 5​

Swimming pools

Children’s farms

Public Trasport

Breda is easily accessible by public transport, both by train and by bus. Within the city you can even travel by e-scooters. Plan your trip by public transport in or to Breda with


For more information:


Supermarket &

Shoppers should bring their own bags or shopping bags are available at a cost. Cash and PIN cards are accepted for payment; credit cards usually are not.

Some of the well known supermarket chains:​

  • Albert Heijn

  • Jumbo 

  • Lidl

  • Aldi

Sports Facility

Sports Clubs & Activities

There is a great selection of clubs and activities to check out within the Breda area.  We have collected information within the Welcome Booklet-click here to see!


For Sports Clubs info specifically, click here. document will download

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Waste Collection

For information regarding garbage collection and recycling:

Restaurant Vibes

Restaurant &

Restaurants in Breda:


Stappen in Breda (Dutch):




Concerts and Dance


Sports and more
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